Monday, 26 December 2016

Count Your Blessings

Dear friends, 

One of the favorite things I do to count my blessings is to wake up in the middle of the night and watch my wife and son sleep. Just thinking about those times fills my heart with gladness and my face with smiles. 

I also like to BREATHE and be thankful and grateful for being alive. 

One other thing I do often is to reflect on the strong winds and storms of life; the bad times and how we came out stronger and better from those times. 

I think of how God has been faithful to my parents, siblings and my own nuclear family even when we have been less than faithful to God. 

I think about my friends; the good, the bad and the ugly and how each and everyone has been a source of learning, lifting up and encouragement. 

As 2016 comes to an end,  my prayer is that regardless of the winds, storms and the bad times we may encounter in life, our hearts and lips will continually be full of gratitude, peace and love as we continue experiencing God's mercy and grace and... 2017 and beyond we will deliberately and on purpose always COUNT OUR BLESSINGS. 

Love you all, 

'Yomi Faneye. 

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