Sunday, 29 June 2014

Abundance: God's Financial Plan for Man.

God wants to do so much through us to the world. A lot of us have been blinded by our incomes and we are satisfied to have just enough to live comfortable or luxurious lives and have enough to support immediate family and friends. We find it difficult to comprehend that from an income of N150,000 (One hundred & fifty thousand naira), we can fund a project of helping the poor with N150,000,000 (One hundred & fifty million naira).
The average human mind assumes that even if he does not spend a dime out of his salary and keeps it all, he will have N1.8m in a year and it will take him over 83 working years (without spending on anything) to accumulate such funds so the possibility of a project that "little" is so big and seems impossible in his/her mind.

God's plan for man however is absolute abundance. God blessed man at creation and said to man, "be FRUITFUL, and MULTIPLY, and REPLENISH the earth, and SUBDUE it, and have DOMINION.............."

Often times, man gets stuck in the being FRUITFUL stage or doesn't even enter there at all.

I want us to expand our minds and see ourselves the way God sees us. God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ASK or even IMAGINE.

The very first step is to be FRUITFUL. You must begin with having an income. In this instance, I will use the N150k salary. Saving just 10% of that in 10 months will be N150k.
After saving aside N150k, next is to multiply. Even if you have a N50k income, you'll accumulate N150k if you set aside N5k monthly for 30 months.

Aim to double the N150k in a business cycle.

Your N150k in business cycles become:

1. N300k
2. N600k
3. N1.2m
4. N2.4m
5. N4.8m
6. N9.6m
7. N19.2m
8. N38.4m
9. N76.8m
10. N153.6m

You will exceed the N150m needed for the project in just 10 business cycles.

WARNING. Salary "ONLY" no fit do am ooo unless you are a part of the top management of a company collecting seven or eight digit wages.

It is when you provide goods and/or services that you're paid for by a number of people through a business that will get you there.

If your average annual income from a customer is N10,000, you need 15,000 customers to accumulate the N150m that you need.

If your average annual income is just N1,000, you need 150,000 customers. You can only achieve this kind of income through a business.

Keep in mind that the population of our country is well over 100 million. You don't need to be in competition with anyone, just start a business and MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Start with the N150k that you have and all you need to double it to N300k is 15 or 150 customers as the case may be in the first business cycle. Repeat the process over the business cycles till you get to your destination. Continue till you get to N150billion and beyond.

You replenish the earth anytime God uses you as a channel of blessing so make up your mind to give and share as much as you decide to alomg the way.

Its possible and you dont have to quit your job to begin.

Start now and just start it as an experiment. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

That is the true essence of the sowing and reaping process.