Friday, 25 July 2014

"Unquestionable Men, Questionable God?"

The greatest man I know alive happens to be my dad, 'Folahan Faneye.
He raised his children to be inquisitive and always ask questions and he indulged us by answering as many questions as he could.
There were times he had no answers and he was never ashamed to say he had none.
It is important that we always ASK questions so as to get answers.

It seems we have allowed men to fill in the space that only God deserves so we have "UNQUESTIONABLE men" in our lives.

We need to get back on track and let God only be UNQUESTIONABLE and every man be QUESTIONABLE.

Why do we encourage our followers to be different but feel threatened when they are actually different?

Why do we not question our leaders but follow blindly even when they are wrong?

Why don't we ask those that have succeeded in endeavours that we pursue so we can get the desired help?

Why must we wait for man's validation when God has given us all the validation we need?

Why do we promote a culture of borrowing when we know that debts are burden and lead to the destruction of many?

Why do we claim to love God yet harbour so much hatred towards one another?

Why do we surround ourselves with people that tell us lies and speak differently behind us?#

Why do we push away the very few that are courageous enough to tell us the truth?

Why have we allowed God become questionable while our leaders have become unquestionable?

Why? Why?? Why???

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